Steve Fisher


steveSteve is one of the Co-Directors of IPaD.

Although both Steve and Richard can both undertake the planning and design of a project, Steve specialises in the post planning delivery of a scheme. Steve has 26 years of experience working in the Highways and Drainage industry. His experience has been quite varied over the years ranging from the design and construction of small residential developments undertaking Section 38, 104 and 278 schemes through to large Employment Parks and Highways England trunk roads, with Grade Separated junctions. 

Steve worked for 11 years with consultancy companies prior to IPaD. He worked at JMP heading the highways team.  Before JMP he spent 6 years in Mouchel Parkman, and prior to that for Law Gibb. Before his move to consultancy, Steve spent 9 years working in Local Government.

Steve loves working in Engineering, and likes to generate enthusiasm in the office with his commitment to providing the best service for a Client.

As well as providing post planning development Steve provides pre planning assistance and likes to work with Architects and Clients to flesh out the bones of a new development.  Steve strives to look at the big picture of designs and will always try to help to optimise a scheme to benefit his client’s needs.