Flood Risk Assessment

flood riskThe Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is one of the 3 most commonly produced engineering documents that contribute to a planning submission. With the increasing occurrences of damaging flood events though-out the UK, the FRA is having to evolve to demonstrate there would be no exacerbation of flood risk ever robustly..

IPaD Engineers have many years experience of producing FRA reports and have developed good relationships with the EA and Drainage Authority staff, which helps us achieve positive results in the shortest possible timescales.

Often more complex FRAs will require the production of a preliminary drainage strategy and designs, sometimes including the private house drainage if the site constraints necessitate this level of detail.

Where the EA does not hold models of watercourses and thus cannot provide the 100 yr plus Climate Change flood levels, IPaD can undertake river / watercourse hydraulic models to be able to derive the information needed to complete the FRA.

At IPaD we can provide much more than just the FRA report.