Road Safety Audits & Non-motorised User Audits

NMU auditIs your design safe?  This is what authorities need know before they will grant approval. At IPaD we can help in two ways.

Firstly we can procure independent Road Safety Audits. We can source both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Road Safety Audits, (individually or combined) to help deliver a safer highway scheme.  Prior to opening we can source a stage 3 Road Safety Audit.

Secondly at IPaD we always design with safety in mind. The designs we produce are driven by safety, build ability and practicality.

What this means to you is your design is less likely to be delayed or significantly changed by unexpected issues arising in the Road Safety Audit.

We can also undertake Non-motorised User Audits, making sure pedestrians and cyclists have the necessary links and required access to navigate proposed designs safely.