Drainage & SuDS Design

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is an important part of any drainage design. IPaD fully is up to date with the latest changes in SuDS strategy and flood risk analysis that the Environment Agency and DEFRA have introduced. These changes are already being incorporated into designs that IPaD has prepared.

With the increasing occurrences of flooding, an important role IPaD undertakes is flood defence and compensation design.

IPaD can model the environment around rivers and watercourses and with flood information (either derived from the EA or generated from river modelling software), and can then plot the existing flood pattern; then propose defence works or flood compensation.

When undertaking preparation of a drainage strategy or Section 104 design for new infrastructure, our preferred method of design is to first identify the ground profile and any land constraints, then locate available outfalls for the drainage, and finally design both the highways and drainage in unison to allow a joined up design to be developed.

Richard has been responsible for designing some of the biggest pumping stations in the Midlands and designing drainage for unusually flat situations when he worked in Lincolnshire as well as many residential and industrial layouts. Steve has designed both highways and sewerage solutions throughout the country including new Section 104 schemes and upgrading or maintenance of existing systems; whilst working in Local Authority, and in design consultancies.