Transport Assessments & Transport Statements

IPaD assists developers in preparing all types of transport evidence base documents to support planning applications, most commonly through the preparation of either Transport Assessments, or Transport Statements.

These documents are requested by highway authorities for all major planning applications and are provided to demonstrate what level of impact will be generated in highways and traffic terms by the proposals.

Depending upon the authorities scoping requirements, these documents may be required to contain the following assessments which IPaD can offer technical support and assistance with:

  • Review of local authority planning and transport policies and demonstration that the proposed site falls in accordance with them.
  • Review of existing highways, public transport, and non-motorised user networks to determine how the site can best be developed to sit within its surrounding public realm context. 
  • Calculation of likely traffic generation and how additional traffic movements will impact upon the localised road networks, as demonstrated through detailed junction capacity modelling.
  • Calculation of likely trips by non-vehicular modes of travel and how these may impact upon existing network capacity.  
  • Identification and design of any physical highway improvements required to either service access to the site or mitigate any impact at existing junctions in accordance with current national and / or local policy. 

In addition to the above, IPaD will offer client support throughout the key stages of planning and will engage fully on our client’s behalf with local authorities to bring about a positive planning determination.