Road Safety Audits & Non-motorised User Audits

Is your design safe?  This is what authorities need know before they will grant approval. At IPaD we can help in two ways.

At IPaD we always design new road layouts and junctions with safety in mind. The designs we produce are driven by three key principles of safety; build ability; and practicality. What this means to our clients is that their schemes are less likely to be delayed or significantly changed by unexpected issues arising in the determining authority checking process.

Not withstanding the above, determining authorities will normally require each individual scheme to be subject to independent safety audit undertaken by a specialist third party. IPaD has good working relationships with a number of these organisations, and we are able to procure them to do so.

As principal designers, IPaD will also prepare a response document to the audit that will document any changes or amendments to any design recommended by the auditor that has been accepted or rejected with reasoning.

For a planning submission, a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit will typically be only required given that this would normally come before any S278 technical approvals process. Stage 2 and Stage 3 Road Safety Audits may be required further down the line as part of the technical approvals process and IPaD can assist in a similar way as for the Stage 1 audit as set out above. 

IPaD can also undertake undertake non-motorised User Audits, making sure pedestrians and cyclists have the necessary links and required access to navigate proposed designs safely.