Flood Risk Assessment

Due to the impacts of climate change and resulting increases in the incident of excessive rainfall events, greater onus is being placed on the development industry to ensure that sites can be made safe from risks posed by flooding. As part of their applications, it is now standard practice for developers to be asked to provide Flood Risk Assessments (FRA’s).

IPaD can assist with the production of FRA reports, having had many years of experience in doing so, and having developed during this time good relationships with the Environment Agency and Drainage Authority stakeholder groups, helping us to achieve positive results in the shortest possible timescales.

Often more complex sites will also require for planning the production of a preliminary drainage strategy and design which IPaD can also assist with. The drainage strategy will demonstrate that water can be effectively discharged away from the site to suitable external sewer or watercourse outfall locations and by what methods this can be achieved.  

To assist in the above, IPaD has the ability to undertake hydraulic modelling of proposed drainage systems and existing / proposed watercourse flood area catchment zones to demonstrate to the determining authority that sites can be made safe from the risks of flooding.