Preliminary Design & Master Planning

IPaD can rapidly and cost effectively find you the transport and highways infrastructure solutions you need and help you achieve a positive planning outcome.

IPaD can assist developers with all stages of the master planning design and approvals process where new road layouts or junctions are proposed to service a development site.

As required for planning approval, IPaD can assist with both ‘on-plot’ internal roads layout design, and in designing new road or junction layouts on the surrounding off-site public highway where a S278 or similar agreement is required to be entered into to deliver the works.

For internal ‘on-plot’ highways that are being offered for adoption, IPaD will work collaboratively in support of developers and their professional teams to develop cost effective and buildable master plans for projects by ensuring that proposed road layouts reflect design standards as far as possible from the outset.

External highways design may take the form of a new site access junction that services the site off an existing highway corridor, or as part of additional road corridor or junction improvements required to offset the impacts of development traffic at these locations that are deemed required under the terms of any extant national or local policy.

IPaD staff members are highly experienced in preparing highways design layouts; have good working relationships with, and knowledge of the standards that local highways authorities and National Highway apply;  and we appreciate that striking the correct balance between too much (costly design) and too little information (very little benefit) is critical.