Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

It is vital to know that your development layout will accommodate all the types of vehicles that will use it.

This will also be needed to achieve technical approval for your scheme, be it residential, industrial or commercial, you will need to demonstrate that the proposed layout is capable of being used by a variety of vehicles.

For this you will need a Vehicle Swept Path Analysis undertaken.  We can help, no matter what type of vehicle is involved. The software we use has a huge library of vehicles installed,

Even if you need to access your site with a specific vehicle which isn’t standard sized, we can even help with that, because we can even create ‘custom vehicles’

Therefore, we have the ability to produce swept paths for your specialised vehicles. The software we have allows us to generate a replica of your vehicle and test that around your layout. We can undertake the necessary analysis to meet your specific needs.

In addition, we can provide advice about site layouts prior to the masterplan being finalised to prevent the need for abortive work and costs.

No site, or vehicle, is too big or too small.